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We’re so excited to have released DuoCode 1.1 with support for the RTM of Visual Studio 2015 and with the latest official release of Roslyn ( Get it here! Lots of improvements (and some bug fixes).

And finally, we’re ready to unveil the full pricing details for DuoCode, and we’ve got great news for open-source developers and students - we’ve got a free community edition for you.
And commercial developers have a free trial!

Which edition is right for you?

DuoCode has 3 editions that you can purchase. We’ve designed the editions to be quite similar to Visual Studio 2015 editions.

DuoCode Community

FREE for open-source projects and academic use

We’re so glad to be able to give back to the open-source community, by handing out free licenses for open-source project developers, and for students and instructors.

If you are:
- Leading an open-source project (with OSI license), hosting the project’s code on a public repository such as github
- OR You’re an active student holding an ISIC card or student email
- OR You’re a registered instructor (teaching staff member) in an educational organization
- Your solution has up to 5 projects
- You don’t perform paid consulting or distribute paid versions of the project
- You’re using Visual Studio Community or Professional

You can apply on the forms for open source or academic to get your free license of DuoCode. The license is for one-year but you can apply again when the period is over.

DuoCode Professional

Now on sale (and with free trial!)

If you are:
- Working on a commercial project
- Your organization has no more than 8 DuoCode developers
- Your organization is non-governmental

You can purchase DuoCode Professional. It is now on sale for $149. Each computer running DuoCode requires a license.
You’ll get the full unrestricted DuoCode compiler with free upgrades (of minor versions).

We’ve got a FREE TRIAL of the professional edition. You don’t need to do anything - just download and install DuoCode and your 30-day trial will begin automatically.
When the trial period is over, you can purchase a license to continue working.

DuoCode Enterprise

This edition is for you if your organization doesn’t fit in the other categories, or if you require a support package.

If you are:
- Working on a commercial project
- Your organization is a governmental organizaion or has more than 8 developers which will be working with DuoCode

Contact us to get details about the Enterprise edition of DuoCode. You’ll get the full unrestricted DuoCode compiler with support package and with free upgrades (including major versions).


Contact us and we’d be happy to assist.
We’re looking forward to have you as a customer for DuoCode!

Happy coding!
 -The DuoCode Team

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