Big news today! We have just released DuoCode 0.6 - with full support for Mono 4, support for Visual Studio 2015 RC and several important bugfixes! Check your Visual Studio Extensions Gallery for updates, or download the new version from our website.

Mono / xbuild support

This is the first release where we officially support Mono 4! We’ve tested our compiler on Mono running on Windows, Linux (Ubuntu) and OSX - all tests pass with flying colors! (actually, just one color: green)

Your DuoCode projects are now truly cross-platform with the support for xbuild (Mono’s MSBuild alternative) - build your projects from the command line on all platforms!

Try DuoCode in your browser!

In addition, we’ve released Try DuoCode - an online playground for trying out DuoCode right in your browser - without downloading anything. You can use it to convert your C# code into JavaScript on the fly, then run and debug in your browser’s developer tools!

Let us know what you think!

Happy coding!
 –The DuoCode Team

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