Phew! It’s finally here - a brand new beta release of DuoCode! Here’s what we got for you:

What’s new in 0.5?

Advanced configuration

We’ve added a new DuoCode project property page to further control the compilation process. It is available for all DuoCode projects on Visual Studio 2013 and above.


We’ve also made debugging support available on Visual Studio 2013. When using Internet Explorer, you can debug your project straight from the IDE!

In addition, we’ve added support for Chrome (V8) stack-trace API, (via node-source-maps-support) allowing you to get complete C# call stack for exceptions right in the browser:


We’ve added support for Web publishing from Visual Studio - Web, FTP, file system and publishing to Azure now work as expected!

Shared projects

DuoCode now supports Shared Projects, a feature that was added in Visual Studio 2013 to assist cross-platform development. You can target several platforms, such as Xamarin and Apache Cordova with a single solution!

Compiler improvements

We’ve made lots of improvements to the DuoCode compiler, with several new features and lots of bugfixes, here are the highlights:

  • Added more binding definitions for Node.js v0.12.2
  • Added support for many more .NET types, such as System.Array, System.Guid, System.IO.Path, as well as improved an optimizied various collection types (List<T>, Array<T>, Dictionary<T,K>)
  • Added support for showing full C# call-stack in Chrome (V8)
  • Improved struct support, including ValueType.Equals() and GetHashCode() generation
  • Improved runtime reflection support (Activator.CreateInstance, MemberInfo.Invoke)
  • Improved ReSharper support in DuoCode projects
  • and many more bugfixes and improvements!

So go ahead, download DuoCode 0.5 beta now!

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts about DuoCode! Please let us known about any issues you might encounter. You can contact us via support forums or on twitter!

Happy coding!
 –The DuoCode Team

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